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The Funny Life Film Festival Section Process 

We wish we could screen all films submitted to the festival, however, there is only a finite amount of time at the festival each year, therefore, we have the following

selection process. 

Movie Fun
Movie Fun
Film Student

1- All films submitted to us are watched in their entirety by our preselector team. Our preselector team are all experienced filmmakers and cinesters. Our preselectors will always watch films independently of each other to ensure objectivity. 


2- After viewing a submission, each preselector will rate the film on a range of criteria including comedy value and suitability for the festival via FilmFreeway which will generate an average score. 

3-. All films will then be discussed by the festival programmers: generally films with the highest averaged scores and those that made the preselectors laugh the most will be selected for the festival. 


4- Our festival programmers will then put together a programme with the films that have been selected and notify and confirm inclusion in the festival with the selected filmmakers. Once filmmakers have all been notified, our festival programme will be advertised on our website and social media platforms. 

Movie Fun
Movie Fun
Movie Fun

5- Films which have scored highly in each category (e.g. directing, acting performances, screenplay etc…) will be nominated for an award in that category and will be sent to our judges to select winners. Judges are all film industry professionals, including previous award-winners at the festival. 


6- We will advertise award nominees on our social media platforms prior to the festival. Award winners will be announced at the end of the festival. 

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