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About The Funny Life Film Festival

Welcome to The Funny Life Film Festival (FLFF) which is devoted to the advancement of comedy filmmakers and to warm our audiences hearts as they laugh their socks off! As well as screenings and awards at our comedy film festival in London, there will be filmmaker workshops, networking and masterclasses to help you progress onto the next step of your career. So if you've made a comedy short film, comedy feature film or comedy animation, the Funny Life Film Festival is the festival for you - the UK's newest comedy film festival!

The Funny Life Film Festival is a our comedy film festival, hosted every autumn at the TT cinema in Shoreditch, by comedy filmmakers Louise and Marcus from It's a Funny Life Films. Louise and Marcus are both professionally trained actors, writers and producers. They were dressed up as a princess and a chicken when they first met – unfortunately not in the theatre but in a children’s nursery! It was that nursery that inspired their first comedy they wrote together - TERM TIME Another of It's a Funny Life Film's short comedies - MUMATAR - can currently be watched on Disney Plus


Our love of comedy filmmaking is what led us to run The Funny Life Film Festival: an international comedy film festival in London. Every year, we look forward to celebrating the work of comedy filmmakers from around the world, who have a passion for telling stories that make people chuckle. We welcome submissions to our comedy film festival from all ages, all experience levels and all factions of society with the aspirations to tickle the nations! 

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